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You’ve overlooked an important Revolutionary War Patriot

You’ve overlooked an important Revolutionary War Patriot

Discover the life and adventures of Squire Boone: Top 10 Reasons Squire Boone is an important part of the American War of Independence and why visiting Squire Boone Caverns is the perfect 4th of July outing

CORYDON, Ind. – June 30, 2016 — A piece of American Revolutionary history in your own backyard…Squire Boone Caverns celebrates the pioneer and frontiersman, Squire Boone, this Independence Day weekend.As the country prepares to celebrate the 240th anniversary of our Independence, names like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton immediately come to mind. There is one pioneer, however, whose legacy lives in the shadows of his more famous compatriots but his contribution will forever be felt throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Look no further than Southern Indiana to honor America’s pioneers and frontiersmen this holiday weekend.

Without further adieu, here are the Top 10 Reasons that Squire Boone Caverns is the perfect place to celebrate July 4th!

10.    During the Revolutionary War, Squire Boone and his brother Daniel fought the war towards the West, leading the exploration and blazed the Wilderness Road.

9.    Involved in several battles and fights throughout his journey, Squire was wounded 11 times; including being shot at Fort Boonesborough and taking a tomahawk to the skull at Fort Harrod.

8.    While Daniel is the most famous of the Boone family, at least twice in recorded history, Squire saved Daniel Boone’s life. If it weren’t for Squire, Daniel would not have become the famous pioneer we all know.

7.    Squire was made a Captain and honored by the US Congress for his contribution to the growth and development of the United States during the Revolutionary War.

6.    Squire was elected to represent the County of Kentucky in the Virginia Legislature and was the primary sponsor of a bill to charter the town of Louisville.

5.    Squire discovered what is now Squire Boone Caverns while being chased by Indians. He considered the cave sacred and moved his family there over a decade later.

4.    Upon settling and developing what would be known as Boone’s Township, Squire built a gristmill that would provide sustenance and commerce for the community. The reconstructed mill is still in operation today and was added to the Indiana State Register of Historic Sites and Structures in 1982.

3.    Squire served as Harrison County’s Justice of the Peace and was very involved in the politics of the newly formed capitol of Corydon.

2.    When Squire Boone Caverns was being developed for the public, part of Squire’s remains were discovered. Long thought to have been relocated to a family burial site, the bones were difficult to authenticate after lying in the cave and mud for more than 150 years, but injuries to the skull and arm were consistent with Squire’s injuries and the bones were deemed to belong to Squire Boone.

1.    Squire’s remains and tombstone are laid to rest in a walnut coffin within the cave, just as Squire himself had requested. An important stop on the cave tour is at the grave of the legendary pioneer where guests hear about his love for the cave and what is now Southern Indiana and the Louisville area.

When it comes to celebrating our independence and remembering the fight our forefathers endured to create and build this great country – the contributions of the Boone family to the Kentuckiana area is unmatched.

This holiday weekend, have a little adventure and learn more about the incredible pioneer, frontiersman and statesman that helped make this great state what it is today: explore Squire Boone Caverns and the rich history and ecological wonders that abound at the park.

Squire Boone Caverns tours begin at 9 a.m. daily. The Village Shops and park activities are open from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

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